Monday, December 26, 2005

My current traffic exchange portfolio

This is my current traffic exchange portfolio :-

  • 12by12Daly - The owner of this site is so far the most trustworthy who also run dadndaves site. Well over 4000 people have joined this site within 24 hours since its grand opening!!!
  • dadndaves- A private traffic exchange site and one of the most reliable site. Again, it opens its door for the public for a certain period of time, so don't miss out this great opportunity!

On-hold /Closed site(s)
12daily pro
GottaLotta Hits
365 Global Profit

Testing sites :-
AussieEarners - FREE $10 SurfPack. Only 25 sites surfed to earn 5% every day. 100 free credits every month.
Surfmunkee- It now offers different % surfing programs. No expiration on upgrades!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is your Clipboard Giving You Away?

Some low lifes have added some "Clipboard Harvesting" websites on autosurf or get paid to surf programs !!!

These malicious websites (normally written in Java language) can easily snatch the info on your Windows clipboard with about one line of Javascript. Although not all browsers are susceptible to this, unfortunately Crazybrowser, Avantbrowser and Explorer are!

Steps to check if you are in danger of this threat.

1. Copy any line of this message and go to this page.
2. If it (the text) showed up on that page, then you should be cautios right about now! If that info had been a password, credit card number, or bank account, it could have just as easily been put into a database as shown to you.
3. You can follow the step by step instructions on how to fix your security settings to avoid this happening to you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Free ebook!

I think if you are looking for ways to be successful with your venture in Hyip and get paid to surf programs, this ebook might help you a bit. The title of the book is "Think and Grow Rich" and it has more than 140 pages (about 1.6 MB). The free download link is only good for the next 72 hrs!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some tips on Hyip and get paid to surf programs

Only invest with your risk capital (money that you can afford to lose).

Time needed to go from $500 to $ 1 million with interest compounded monthly

5%-Almost forever
10%-6 yrs 8 ms (Massive drop in time)
15% -5 yrs 6 ms
20% -3 yrs 6 ms (Massive drop in time)
30% -2 yrs 5 ms (worthwhile drop in time)
40%-1 yr 11 ms (Worthwhile drop in time)
50%-1 yr 7 ms (Marginal drop in time)
60%-1 yr 5 ms (From here to 150%, each 10% increased has a rather small effect)
70%-1 yr 3 ms
80%-1 yr 1 ms
90% - 1 yr
100%-11 ms
110%-11 ms
120%-10 ms
130%-10 ms 2 wks
140%-9 ms
150%-9 ms

Main points

1. Choose programs that offer reasonable and acheivable rates, eg. 10-30% per month range is good. Allthough this may considerd by some to be too high, in the hyip and get paid to surf arenas, this is achievable. Also, the reason this range is chosen, is that you could close the risk window faster - get in and out fast, b4 the program closed down. Another reason why this range is acceptable at begining of your venture, is that you could make your first pile of gold faster, and use it to diversify in other more secure programs with lower %. As you can see from the above statistic, % higher than 60% only reduce time marginally, and most importantly this kind of % is a sign that the program is most likely a scam and will close down before you could get your principle back.

2. Also, don't start with huge capital, because the difference in time between huge and small capital are small, relatively speaking. Let's look at the example below.

$50, 000 with 100% interest compounded every month, you'll get a million in 5 months
$50 with 30% interest compounded every month, you'll get a million in 3 years 2 months (Only 7.6 times longer). This is not bad considering much smaller principle and risk!

3. Remember, this is not the "invest and forget about it" type of investments, you can lose; but if you are patient and play the game with self-discipline, persistence and experience, you will end up winning in the long-haul! Try to choose programs that have good reputation and have been in the industry long enough.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Get paid to surf - Firefox security update

I came across this news about Firefox security, "...Firefox users are advised to download and install the latest patches: Version 1.0.7, or 1.7.12 of the Mozilla Suite, from the Mozilla foundation Web site..."

The main point of the news is that there are more security holes found in Firefox earlier version. In order to fix them users are advised to download the newest version of 1.0.7 or 1.7.12.

Related news Yahoo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Get paid to surf - Trading eBook Super Giveaway!!!

Hi, this might not be related to get paid to surf programs; but I came across this interesting and informative site about FOREX TRADING, which is so popular now. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. Forex Exchange market is truly a 24-hours market which opens for trading 6 days a week which means plenty of opportunites are opened to those who are good at foreing currencies trading.

For a limited time only this site offers 10 trading ebooks for you to download for FREE! No catch! This offer expires at 11:59 PM on September 28, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Get paid to surf - Security update for Mozilla Firefox

I believe this update is worth a look if you are currently using Firefox browser.

"On September 6 a security vulnerability affecting all versions of Mozilla Firefox and the Mozilla Suite was reported to Mozilla by Tom Ferris and on September 8th was publicly disclosed. ..."

For further info, please go here.